First time on tour March 2017 !!

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Peter Brötzmann (saxophones, clarinets)
John Dikeman (saxophones)
Raoul van der Weide (double bass, percussion, crackle box)
Mark Tokar (double bass)
Klaus Kugel (drums, percussion)

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Peter Brötzmann is one of the most important and uncompromising figures in free jazz and has been at the forefront of developing a unique, European take on free improvisation since the 1960s.
Self-taught on Clarinet and Saxophone, Brötzmann established himself as one of the most powerful and original players around, releasing a number of now highly sought after sides of musical invention including the epochal 'Machine Gun' session in 1968 - originally released on his own Brö private press and later recordings for FMP (Free Music Production) the label he started with Jost Gebers. Brötzmann's sound is "one of the most distinctive, life-affirming and joyous in all music" and he has performed with almost all of the major players of free music from early associations with Don Cherry and Steve Lacy to regular groupings with Peter Kowald, Alex Von Slippenbach, Han Bennink and Fred Van Hove, the Chicago Tentet (Mats Gustafsson/Joe McPhee/Ken Vandermark and more) and various one-off and ad hoc associations with many others including Keiji Haino, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton and Rashied Ali.

“He has the most powerful voice in the Dutch jazz music of the last decade: saxophonist John Dikeman.” - Tim Sprangers, Jazzism.
“The saxophonist… puts fire to the fuse with the Old Testament fury that Charles Gayle displays on his best trio records. More than improvisation or free jazz you hear übergospel: reeling with religious conviction and tortuous dynamism, with roaring pounding in the low register, split tones and a timbre that is almost torn to pieces.” - Guy Peters, Enola.

Raoul van der Weide’s approach towards contrabass playing since 1978 may be characterized as open, informal, structured and experimental. Continuously developing and deepening a whole scala of unorthodox improvisation techniques in orde r to achieve an ideosyncratic language and form of expression that urges for communication.

"Mark Tokar is a key figure in the ukrainian jazz scene" -
"Tokar's larger-than-life tone and impeccable intonation is front-and-center ... " - John Vincent Barron,

"Percussionist Klaus Kugel is a commanding force behind the drum set. He creates layers of tension drawn out from intuitive listening. There is a constant emotional swelling underlying every fill and cymbal crash." - John Barron,
"These three discs... show Kugel as a drummer whose nearly boundless energy and imagination cannot be confined by neat categories." - Ed Hazel, Signal To Noise


first time on tour March 2017 !!